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Free World of Warcraft Gold Guide – Learn to Earn!

This free World Of Warcraft gold guide article is really written for people like me. While playing WoW over the last 3 years I have realized a couple of things that make the average World Of Warcraft player just like me.

Gold Guide

The largest percentage of players in the game today are adults. I don’t even think the percentage of minors even comes close. Even still the issue of gold making or even anything else we want to accomplish in the game comes down to one thing.


We all have limited time to play the game every day and the thought of spending my one or two hours of playing time during a weekend grinding mats is not my idea of fun.

Sure, we would all love to be able to play the game as many hours as we choose every day but this thing called “life” kinda interferes a tad bit.

Here is how I decided to look at making gold and every thing else I want to do in World Of Warcraft.

WoW is an investment of time and money. The cost of buying the game and the expansion pack alone is over a hundred bucks. Then there is that 15 bucks a month on top every single month.

I wanted to maximize my playing time and get the most for my dollar as well as my entertainment value. While looking at ways to get the most from my playing time I have come across many types of leveling guides and boat loads of gold making guides.

Anyway, this article is about some free gold making tips and let’s get to that.

  1. Pick up EVERYTHING – Most important at low levels because it enables you to build seed money that will leads to tons more gold later.
  2. Buy bags – This should be your first and only investment in the first 20 or so levels of the game. Wasting gold on gear and enchants at these low levels makes no sense and will not make that much difference in your play.
  3. Gathering professions are better for gold making than crafting at early levels but having a crafting profession that allows you to make your own gear pays off as well.
  4. Enchanting – I consider the best money making profession at low levels and not as much at higher levels. Enchanting mats always sell.
  5. Learn to use the auction house – Priority number one!

Learning how to use the auction house as your main source of WoW gold making is the key to maximizing playing time and still make a ton of gold. There are solid techniques top gold makers use to make thousands of gold a day without ever grinding a single mat.

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